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Yobo App

Yobo App

YOBO is a local recommendation app based on artificial intelligence

Exploring a city and finding new places should be magical, but it is mostly tedious and very time-consuming: We spend a lot of our valuable free time on blogs, directories or social networks searching for places and local inspiration. As a result, we collect endless bucket lists - still not sure where we should finally go. YOBO App makes urban exploration magical! People anonymously share pictures of awesome places with each other. We use picture recognition and artificial intelligence to further analyze those pictures to be able to recommend places that perfectly match the user ´s real time situation. All recommendations can be rated with the entire range of emojis, which is also a funny incentive to actively create, share and rate them. If it´s sunny and warm outside we will recommend more outdoor activities, beer gardens or sunny restaurants. On the other hand, if it´s cold and rainy, we may show you a cosy cafe that does hot chocolate. These are just some examples our technology is capable of.


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