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Meet mitte®: The world's first smart water system that unites water purification with enhancement.
11-50 employees
Founded 2016
Brunnenstrasse 196, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Meet mitte®: The world's first smart water system that unites water purification with enhancement, giving users personalized and healthy daily drinking water right in their homes.

Our proprietary purification technology removes all potential contaminants including viruses, hormones, and other pharmaceuticals to reach unprecedented water purification levels in the market. It is more reliable and consistent than any other commercial options, and requires no replacement over the long term.

After purification, the pure distilled water is enhanced with a mineral cartridge, where users can choose between 3 options with varying natural ingredients and mineral levels, creating different types of mineral water based on their lifestyle. These cartridges replace the need for inconvenient and unsustainable bottled water consumption. The result: perfectly balanced mineralised water.

The machine is also digitally integrated and connected to our mobile app, which functions as a control centre for machine settings and gives users more control and a better user experience. It contains features such as creating and dispensing customised water recipes, tracks water quality, and automatically orders fresh new mineral cartridges when the current one is running low.

Water purification
Water enhancement
Personalized water

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