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Livyu Gmbh Logo

Livyu Gmbh

Livyu Gmbh

livyu is the virtual concert hall for high quality concert streams in Pay Per View. Live, On Demand, in 360° and VR.
8 employees
Founded 2014
Bahnhofstraße 5, 67722 Winnweiler, Germany

livyu ist a portal that offers high definition concert streams in Pay Per View. Live, On Demand, in 360° and Virtual reality. 

Live shows are musicians biggest revenue stream, but every year millions of fans do not have the chance to go and see their favorite artists live. Tickets are too expensive or sold out. People don't have the time to go to the shows or live too far away and can't afford the trip. 

With livyu’s virtual concert hall this problem is no longer existent. We open up the venues doors to everyone and keep selling tickets, when the boxoffice is already sold out. Thus a musicians whole fanbase can experience and watch the shows. This is a major step towards a better revenue and happy fans. 

To offer more than just an awesome show experience, livyu shows what is happening behind the scenes. What is happenig backstage, what is the artist doing befor he steps up on stage? livyu gives an exclusive insight, interviews and more. 

As a service provider livyu takes care of every aspect of the production, which varies between 4 and 15 cameras. There is nothing else to do for the artist than delivering a great show.


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