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Online job portal for natural scientists, computer scientists and engineers

The Internet Portal jobtensor is a platform for employers and job seekers from the fields of natural sciences, technology and IT.

On the one hand, jobtensor serves as a presentation area and allows the tendering of job offers. Potential employers can rely on individual presentations and details of job vacancies. Contact with suitable applicants is also possible for companies.

On the other hand, jobtensor helps employees who are looking for employment to collect the various tenders from the industry, and to quickly see information about the potential future employer in a company profile. The ability to select desired jobs in advance makes it easier to find the position search. In addition, the portal proposes suitable employers. Through the newsletter, job seekers can keep up-to-date by e-mail whether and which new vacancies have been registered on the portal, which correspond to the respective wishes. Anyone who subscribes to the newsletter will be able to view the tender before jobtensor is released.

Using their own algorithms that use semantic patterns, jobtensor optimizes job search and makes it efficient and employee-friendly.


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