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Automatically identify optimal project staffing, employee development potential & recruitment needs with our Project Pad
1-20 employees
Founded 2016
Littenstraße 106/107, 10179 Berlin, Germany

iCombine is a HRTech Startup from Berlin. We are following the goal to automate selection processes in HR and to connect people without long search procedures. Our motto: Stop searching. Start exploring.

Our Project Pad accelerates the planning of projects and the allocation of employees within an organization, while introducing maximum transparency. It automatically identifies matching projects and employees based on different skills, interests, availabilities and requirements. Thus, we're able to make the whole staffing process more cost-effective, while the optimal deployment planning will lead to increasing profitability. 

Project-oriented companies are constantly facing the challenge to identify (internal) employees with a good fit to their upcoming projects and project roles. Our algorithm-based matching offers an objective basis for decision making in staffing. Our structured data analysis enables clients to identify gaps between project requirements and employees' skills. Consequently, Project Pad allows to schedule freelancers as complementary workforce, gives inspiration which skills should be trained internally or suggests criteria that needs to be taken into account.

HR development

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