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bookingkit offers a smart booking & marketing solution for tours and activity providers.
50-100 employees
Founded 2014
Sonnenallee 223, 12059 Berlin

bookingkit is the German market leader within booking and marketing solutions for activity providers in the leisure industry. The company helps activity providers to digitize their business operations easily. Thus the developed software allows a high degree of automation in managing a wide range of different indoor and outdoor leisure activities, cultural events, rental services and more and can be integrated into a provider’s website immediately. bookingkit is then able to support customers in an unique way with their marketing, in processing their activities, as well as in managing their business and especially in sales. All in all, bookingkit gives access to 360 million potential customers across all sales channels.

At the same time, as a channel manager and technology platform, bookingkit also offers (online) travel agencies and marketplaces the opportunity to use a large digitized inventory, and therefore to book leisure activities in real time in an automated process.

The company has developed to one of the most extensive administration solutions for the leisure industry in Europe. With a combination of numerous functions on a single platform, bookingkit significantly sets oneself apart from the competition and enables providers of tours and activities a complete transition to the digital world.

bookingkit, with its headquarter in Berlin, was founded in 2014 by Christoph Kruse and Lukas C.C. Hempel. The smart booking and marketing solution is available in 11 different languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish

Online booking


Das Münchener Erlebnisanbieter-Startup mydays und bookingkit, das Software-Startup aus Berlin, synchronisieren ihre Dienstleistungen: Premium-Kunden profitieren ab sofort von vereinfachten Buchungs-und Verwaltungsprozessen.

Das Berliner Reise-Startup Bookingkit möchte sein Angebot erweitern und schließt eine Kooperation mit dem italienischen Startup Musement, einer Buchungsplattform für Reiseaktivitäten und Touren. Das Ziel: Die Reichweite beider Plattformen zu erhöhen.
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