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Reverse interviewing ResearchGate on

Reverse interviewing ResearchGate on

- What does ResearchGate do?

ResearchGate is a professional network for over 10 million scientists and researchers worldwide. They use the network to connect, collaborate and share their work with peers in real-time.

- Why do people want to work in your company?

People want to work with us to change science for the better. Our mission is to connect the world of science and make research open to all. Everyone at ResearchGate knows this mission and knows how they contribute to it with their work, along with over 250 other bright minds from 40 countries. That’s extremely motivating. In addition to that, there are perks like free lunches, plenty of optional company events and activities including yoga and German classes.

- What kind of person will succeed in your company?

We have thought about this in detail and believe that our best employees are “pragmatic optimists”, a term that we coined ourselves. Pragmatic optimists passionately believe that science can and must be changed. They are solution-oriented people with a positive outlook but back up their beliefs by applying objective methods.

- What’s the most inspiring story you have come across so far?

ResearchGate is one of the few websites accessible “on Mars.” Changing science for the better beyond Earth is quite inspiring! Nasa allows researchers to access the network during the HI SEAS IV mission which emulates life on the red planet. There are countless examples — in 193 countries and across all scientific disciplines — where we’ve seen results of scientific collaborations on ResearchGate make progress to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

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