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Reverse interviewing Offerista Group on

Reverse interviewing Offerista Group on

- What does Offerista do?

Here at Offerista we’re at work creating the shopping world of the future! With our shopping and product guides barcoo and Marktjagd, which have already been installed on 17 million smartphones, we want to revolutionize the shopping experience for our users through relevance and personalization. Meanwhile, we support our partners, well-known retailers and brands, in reaching their customers online and mobile with the best local deals and offers.

- Why do people want to work in Offersita?

We still have lots more to do and we work passionately on it! This means for you: Loads of opportunities to bring your own creative ideas, to try out new things and to further develop yourself and Offerista Group. Despite our well-preserved startup spirit, we are a mature, professionally operating company, which has been on the market for eight years now and offers you stable conditions and structures to help you focus on the most important things: your job and all challenges that come with it!

- What kind of person will succeed in Offerista?

Everyone who works passionately, loves to take responsibility and does not stop to have fun at work!

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