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Reverse interviewing N26 on

Reverse interviewing N26 on

- What does N26 do?

We offer a bank account designed especially for young European smartphone users. It’s banking as it should be: simple to use and available anywhere at any time. Opening a new account takes only eight minutes and can be done directly from your smartphone. Users get statistics and push notifications after all transactions so users have complete control over their financial life.

- Why do people want to work in your company?

People want to work here, because they’re looking for the next big thing, which is, in fact, already happening. It is not so much about working in a StartUp as it is about the fact to really working on something new that potentially has some major impact in the long run; changing the way we see Banking; working on something that is innovative and has a future and is not just a fun idea — a spur of the moment. You can see how much our founders believe in the product, how much every department tries to make the difference, and improves the product as well as the company.

- What kind of person will succeed in your company?

The people succeeding here are actually the ones having the drive to go the „extra mile“ — meaning, the ones thinking ahead, pushing topics, and always thinking about how to improve and maybe even fix things we did not know needed to be fixed. It is not about just coming here and working your 8 hours, and going home but it is about building and advancing this company, and everyone plays an important part in it.

- What’s the most inspiring success story you have come across so far?

The one thing that comes to mind when thinking about the greatest success so far is receiving the banking license within this short period of time — we’re very proud and happy it worked out in less than a year. Other than that, having built N26 from the mere idea of two young men at a kitchen table to revolutionize Banking, to the 150 employee-strong company it is today, with 200.000 customers, is pretty successful in itself.

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