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Reverse interviewing Glispa on

Reverse interviewing Glispa on


- What does Glispa do?

We are the global mobile marketing company that guarantees results. We provide a full suite of technology-based services to global advertisers, app developers and publishers to help them reach their user acquisition and monetization goals. Our ad mediation platform Ampiri allows app developers to maximize revenue of their mobile app inventory. Our social influencer solution VOLTU connects advertisers with social influencers who generate their own content to promote the advertiser’s app.

- Why do people want to work in your company?

We are an international group of passionate, results-oriented and outward-looking individuals, who like to have fun. Working at Glispa Global Group means working hard to contribute to the success of the company every day, and celebrating our success! We have a flat organizational structure and an open, transparent culture which ensures that everyone in the company can take real ownership of their tasks and align themselves towards the company’s goals.

- What kind of person will succeed in your company?

Glispa employees are smart, adaptable, innovative, and love to collaborate. We’re extremely diverse with people representing 45 nationalities and speaking an impressive 32 different languages. We love to reach our goals and we love to celebrate it when we do: check out the opening party of our global HQ in Berlin here.

- What’s the most inspiring success story you have come across so far?

Joining Glispa as an entry level graduate in our trainee program in 2010, Dora Lakatos was quick to realize her potential. She learned the business from the roots up and rose rapidly through the ranks to the level of VP in 2014. She then decided to start a new mobile venture, where she successfully contributed to growth. Dora then returned to Glispa in 2016 as VP of Global Business Development as she was attracted to our enhanced technology offering, hear her story of success here.

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