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Reverse interviewing FinLeap on

Reverse interviewing FinLeap on

- What does FinLeap do?

We are more than a startup, we are a fintech company builder. In two years, we launched nine companies which provides digital solutions for banks and the financial sector. Banks are our partners and our clients. The range of our products is wide: from an account switching tool to digital debt collection, from asset-based lending to a techplattform with a bank licence. So far, over 270 people are working at FinLeap and its ten ventures.

- Why do people want to work in FinLeap?

Because we do cool stuff! The financial industry is so far behind on technical innovations that there is still a lot of space for developing digital solutions. Let your creativity flow! Besides this, we are also really tech driven. Our CTO and his team aim to use cutting edge technology to provide the financial products of the future. Our team features an incredible mix of people from various backgrounds. You will work with former C-level bankers, experienced entrepreneurs and smart young professionals.They all join forces to reshape finance.

- What kind of person will succeed in FinLeap?

We are looking for people that stand out with their entrepreneurial spirit and the will and skill to independently drive topics and excel. When working for FinLeap, it is crucial to pursue targets with a lot of determination, mixed with the flexibility to always think about creative alternatives to exceed these targets. We appreciate humble colleagues who are never done learning and bring a high level of curiosity. You need to be a team player with excellent communication skills to contribute to our success.

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