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Reverse interviewing EyeEm on

Reverse interviewing EyeEm on

- What does EyeEm do?

We are a group of humble, authentic and ambitious people who develop and work with visionary technology that’s revolutionizing the photography industry. Coming from many different countries and professional backgrounds, we all now call Berlin or NYC home. We value knowledge sharing and open conversation, creatives, builders and thinkers. In the fast-moving world of deep learning, our goal is to understand beauty in photography and organize the world’s photos to find the best.

- Why do people want to work in your company?

Working at EyeEm means being yourself, working with progressive thinkers and having a significant impact on our products and the way we work together. EyeEm is learning and moving fast as an organization and so are our team members. We’re passionate about photography and we care about what we release — so in our day-to-day we’re always looking beyond our own scopes and turning our ever-growing ideas into reality.

- What kind of person will succeed in your company?

Fierce, solution-oriented, courageous thinkers and doers with open minds and a passion for what they do.

- What’s the most inspiring success story you have come across so far?

Over the course of the past 6 years, EyeEm has continuously and successfully re-invented itself. Growing from a small guerrilla photo exhibition in Berlin to a renowned technology company with a marketplace for photography competing globally. We recently released a new iOS app — The Roll — which organizes your camera roll with the help of our cutting edge computer vision technology. We were featured in Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote within weeks of the release and are among the first apps worldwide to be integrating with Siri in iOS 10. Thanks to the hard work of the entire EyeEm team, The Roll went from ideation to launch very quickly.

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