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Reverse interviewing BLOOMY DAYS on

Reverse interviewing BLOOMY DAYS on

- What does BLOOMY DAYS do?

BLOOMY DAYS is the brand when it comes to the delivery of fresh and seasonal cut flowers. Stylish bouquets can be ordered two ways either within a flexible subscription or as single order. As the inventor of flexible flower subscriptions BLOOMY DAYS is the first mover in a rapidly growing new market segment. Thanks to flexible options such as pausing and terminating the subscription at any time customers can enjoy a perfect product experience. For B2B clients bouquets are designed in customers’ corporate design and are used for after-sales measures, complaint management, client gifts and employee incentives.

- Why do people want to work in your startup?

Employee quote: “I started a very exciting career in BLOOMY DAYS: I got a lot of very challenging and interesting tasks. It is totally good that the company gives full trust and responsibility to you since the first day. And I feel that I am really in the right direction of my career! Moreover, it is really good that every half year there are feedback talks where you can reflect on your work and let the company know how you think and also get feedback. It is absolutely a place to develop!”

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