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UX/UI Designer on

UX/UI Designer on

- How do you become a successful UX/UI Designer?

Be empathetic. Understand your users, their problems and their needs. Learn the basics of digital product design (patterns, hierarchy, typography, colors etc.). There are plenty of free ressources on the web to do that. Apply your learnings by creating wireframes and mockups and test wether your solutions help to solve your users problems. Then iterate. Again and again. It takes a while but you will get better! It’s no rocket science.

- What are the most important tools of UX/UI Designer?

Sketch, Marvel, Photoshop, Pinpoint, Framer, a pen and some pieces of paper.

- What are the duties of UX/UI Designer?

Your goal should always be to create a product that people enjoy using and that helps them to solve a problem. If they start to tell their friends about it, you did a good job...

- What are the requirements to become a UX/UI Designer? Which degree is needed and what are the required soft skills?

In my opinion there is no need to study to become a good UX/UI Designer. I studied industrial engineering and computer science and just worked myself into it. Creativity is probably the most important soft skill you will need. Good intuition and empathy definitely help as well.

- What are common interview questions for the UI/UX Designer job position?

How does your design process look like? What are your favorite Apps/Websites and why? What was the most difficult UX challenge that you faced and how did you solve it?

-What is a common career path for the UI/UX Designer?

Work on private projects, start freelancing, work in a startup, found your own startup and create your own products!

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