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SEA Manager on

SEA Manager on

- How do you become a successful SEA manager?

A mix of creativity and analytic skills - that’s what makes a good SEA manager. On the one hand, you need a really good understanding of how people search, to be able to see things from the users’ perspective. That’s the key to a good and customer-oriented approach. On the other hand, you need to be able to assess your work in an open and unbiased manner in order to discard or optimise certain aspects of your search campaigns. Last but not least: You need to understand Google’s paid search algorithm, always asking yourself, “What would Google consider a good SEA campaign?”. The job is challenging, but also offers a great deal of variety and is a lot of fun!

- What are the most important tools of SEA manager?

A SEA manager spends most of the time working with Google AdWords or the AdWords Editor and Google Analytics. Additionally, bid management tools are often used to help automatically optimise CPC bids. And finally: Excel. Much of the analytic work happens here.

- What are the duties of SEA manager?

The main task consists of initiating and optimising campaigns for search engine marketing. This comprises: keyword research, drafting ad texts, choosing the right landing pages, setting bids etc. Analysing campaigns is very important. Here, it’s all about KPIs like ad rank, click rates, the conversion rate and the average price per conversion. You always have to decide if and how a campaign can be optimised or if it needs to be paused or even stopped. This job certainly never gets boring!

- What are the requirements to become a SEA manager? Which degree is needed and what are the required soft skills?

Degree courses such as marketing, business administration, statistics, and also mathematics and physics help with the acquisition of analytical skills. But in the end, most of the learning takes place on the job. And the most important requirement: you need to be hungry. You always have to stay on top of new developments. Google changes constantly and new tools are being developed all the time. The knowledge of technical inner workings of a search engine’s search function is very important.

-What is a common career path for the SEA manager?

After you have gained enough experience as an SEA manager, there are good opportunities to advance your career. For example, you could take on a leading role in search marketing and in performance too. The job is definitely becoming increasingly relevant. A few years ago, mostly start-ups and digital businesses employed SEA managers, but today, search engine advertising is highly regarded in almost all companies due to its high marketing effectiveness and strong ROIs. Therefore, SEA managers have very good prospects in the job market.

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