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Product Manager on

Product Manager on

- How do you become a successful Product Manager?

Understand the technology and the work the designers and developers are using/doing, don't forget the customers, get inputs from colleagues early in the process, make one step at the time, start with a minimal viable product.

- What are the most important tools of Product Manager?

Zeplin, JIRA, Skype, Confluence, pen & paper.

- What are the duties of Product Manager?

Identify our users needs to design simple and intuitive product experience, have close contact with the development team and write detailed specifications for product features, build up products with focus on the customer.

- What are the requirements to become a Product Manager? Which degree is needed and what are the required soft skills?

Computer science or similar degree, ability to intelligently lead several projects simultaneously, aim for quality and results and have an eye for design. A good product manager should be a good communicator and be able to explain complex topics to non-technical colleagues. Moreover this person should love to figure out complex problems and constantly think about how to make processes more efficient.

- What are common interview questions for the Product Manager job position?

What do you consider the toughest feature? How could we go into this problem, and fix it? What are our most back-end technology challenges? What would kill your motivation?

-What is a common career path for the Product Manager?

Junior Product Manager / Product Analyst / Associate Product Manager > Product Manager > Senior Product Manager / Product Director > Director, Product Management > VP, Product Management

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