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Junior Data Scientist on

Junior Data Scientist on

If you ever wanted to become a professional Data Scientist you could as well learn how to nail your job. We have interviewed CrossEngage about the duties, requirements and factors of success of Data Scientists. What are the best parts about becoming a Data Scientist?
CrossEngage: Data Science is a big part of what we do in Crossengage. This role gives the opportunity to learn and apply machine learning to real usecases and see the work help many marketers do their job better and smarter.

What kind of person will succeed as a Data Scientist?
CrossEngage: Passionate, Curious, Self learner and has knowledge about python and is eager to develop skills in machine learning

What are the most important tools of a Data Scientist?
Python, stream processing, scalability, distributed systems, microservices.

What are the duties of a Data Scientist?
As a Data Scientist you have to process, clean and verify the integrity of the data. You have to evaluate the performance of various algorithms/models/strategies based on large, complex data sets. In this position you will explore and Identify new product opportunities based on the vast amount of data, develop your ideas from hypothesis testing to deploying in production. And of course you have to take pride in your work and present your ideas internally as well as externally in various forums.

What are the requirements to become a Data Scientist? Which degree is needed and what are the required soft skills?

  1. University degree in Computer science or related, preferably with focus on Machine Learning / Big Data systems
  2. 2+ years of relevant work experience
  3. Hands on experience in applying machine learning techniques
  4. Ability to work productively with team members, identify and resolve tough issues in a collaborative and respectful manner.
  5. Fluency in Python; experience in additional programming languages is a plus

What is a common career path for a Data Sceintist?
Python developer, data engineer, junior data scientist, machine learning engineer, senior data scientist.

This short guide about becoming a Data Scientist was presented to you by CrossEngage. You can find the link to their profile below: