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Content Coordinator on

Content Coordinator  on

- How do you become a successful Content Coordinator?

Being hands-on is even more important than being creative. You need to be able to transform great ideas into interesting content, and working at a startup it's essential that this is done fast and in a practical way.

- What are the most important tools of Content Coordinators?

Your brain, and your heart!

To work with music, you need to be passionate about the topic. At Bandist we look for people who have a deep relationship with music, to make sure that the content created comes from musicians to musicians.

- What are the duties of Content Coordinators?

In our current structure, the Content Coordinator is mainly responsible for creating blog articles, producing Youtube videos and caring for Social Media interaction.

- What are the requirements to become a Content Coordinator? Which degree is needed and what are the required soft skills?

Great writing skills and a sense for what's interesting for our audience is a must. A musician with a communications degree and super social media powers would be our perfect match!

- What are common interview questions for the Content Coordinator job position at Joidy?

Which instruments do you play? Are you comfortable in front of the camera? Do you want to write about music? Can you translate this text into (insert language)?

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