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Business Development Manager on

Business Development Manager on

- How do you become a successful Business Development Manager?

Spend some fixed time each day to drive the company and think about quick wins. Analyze data driven your implementations and improve them accordingly after a predefined amount of time.

- What are the most important tools of Business Development Manager?

MS Office, Google drive services, Google Analytics, Notebook/Evernote/Wunderlist, a sharp mind.

- What are the duties of Business Development Manager?

Besides the daily operations of the business ones job is to improve the business, especially in terms of scalability.
Operations should be as automatic as possible and involve less and less manual work. New options should be implemented to improve the business.
New marketing opportunities should be discovered and evaluated. As a Business Development Manager it´s ones responsibility to not let the business stagnate.

- What are the requirements to become a Business Development Manager? Which degree is needed and what are the required soft skills?

A Business or IT degree is very useful and a sense for tech companies required Definitely a sense for numbers is required to create analysis but more important is to be able to imagine the customer, how he thinks and how to approach him.

- What are common interview questions for the Business Development Manager job position?

What are your previous experiences in handling responsibility? How did you solve problems in previous jobs and how did you handle with failure?

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