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Startup in Paris on

Startup in Paris on

The Parisian startup scene is thriving and growing: recent success stories include eBuzzing (video advertising), deezer (music streaming) and BlaBlaCar (international car sharing platform).

Whilst tech startups are not yet contributing as much to French GDP as in other big startup cities, figures are increasing and investors are starting to show more interest. The French government are also supporting startups both in legislation and financially through the backing of accelerators. They are encouraging successful entrepreneurs to give back to the startup economy.
This is exactly what Xavier Niel, major player in the technology industry, has done. 42 school is an initiative offering free IT training and a space for creative tech work in Paris which aims to fuel the tech startup scene. Niel is the principal investor.

He has also been working with the government in plans to convert ‘La Halle Freyssinet’, former Parisian rail depot, into an enormous startup incubator housing 1,000 tech startups from 2016.

Whilst it may sound like Paris is lagging behind other big European start up cities, the figures suggest otherwise, ranked as the EUs second biggest player in this survey based on the number of startups to come out of the city.

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