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Startups in Munich on

Startups in Munich on

A population of almost 1.5 million brings Munich in as Germany's third largest city behind the capital Berlin and then Hamburg. Capital of Germany's southern most state, Bavaria, Munich is perhaps best known for its annual Oktoberfest, a beer festival and celebration of Bavarian culture.

Munich has become known for its art, culture and science. It is home to a well respected university and is popular with professionals.Munich is undoubtedly a key player in the German startup scene. Whilst high living costs are an obstacle to young companies, the city also attracts large numbers of investors and zero equity accelerators such as TechFounders, attached to Munich Technical University.

Large numbers of students and recent graduates from the city’s 3 universities create a large pool of young and innovative minds to input into the scene. Universities themselves also offer entrepreneurship programs.

Networking is made easier by a number of events and grassroots meetings. In 2014 the ‘Bit & Pretzels’ startup conference began, bringing international speakers to impart wisdom with over 2000 representatives from the start up scene and has become highlight of the Munich startup calendar, helping to put it on the european map.

Recent success stories include, providing tools for improving websites und voxeljet, working in the world of 3D printing.

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Famous startups in Munich:
Fidor Bank

Investors, incubators and accelerators in Munich:
Allianz X
Munich Venture Partners
Greencoat Capital
Venture Stars

Coworking spaces in Munich:
Impact Hub Munich