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Startups in Berlin on Heet.io100,000 new jobs expected by 2020

Startups in Berlin on

The high rate of new job creation makes the Berlin startup scene highly accessible with a job created every 20 minutes. The lower cost of living and renting office space also aid the scene, giving more financial wiggle room and breeding an atmosphere of risk taking and a ‘give it a go’ mentality.

Berlin is full of young, inspired people from all over the world. Paired with the wisdom of business know hows and investors who are beginning to recognise the city as worthy of investment, more and more startups are experiencing success. The good social scene and numerous startup specific events also allow for many networking opportunities. Important startups to come out of Berlin the recent years include fashion outlet Zalando, online music service Soundcloud, online language learning platform Babbel and 6wunderkinder.

Financial backing is of course crucial in the startup market. Berlin trumps here too, as 9 out of 10 of Germany’s most important accelerators and incubators are stationed in Berlin including Axel Springer Plug & Play, hub:raum and Microsoft Ventures. Innovation Laboratories are also on the rise in Berlin, headed by companies such as Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Bank and universities and business schools launching new entrepreneurship programs such as The Berlin Startup Academy.

Numerous notable venture capital firms and investment managers such as High Tech Gründerfonds and HP Ventures as well as business angels are also in or coming to Berlin. Crowdfunding portals provide an alternative way of raising funds.

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Famous startups in Berlin:

Investors, incubators and accelerators in Berlin:
Project A Ventures
Rocket Internet
Social Impact Lab
Early Bird VC
Point Nine Capital
Axel Springer Plug & Play
Microsoft Ventures

Coworking spaces in Berlin:
Factory Berlin
Social Impact Lab
St. Oberholz